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All about Armenians and Armenia

Aypoupen Website

Aypoupen.com was Launched on 28-Dec-2013 attracting more than 1 million visitors through, Search, Social Media, and various email Campaigns.

The idea was to create an entertainment website for the Armenians in Diaspora. But luckily throughout the journey, we learned a lot, today besides publishing about our lands and people, we stand by you by telling your story and share it with the world. We help Artists, Activists, Individuals, Talents, and Businesses to stand out. Your story can be published on Aypoupen.com Learn How!

Aypoupen on Facebook

A community of 35,000 Active Armenians from all over the world (27-June-2020).

Creating posts, Videos of everything that has an Armenian touch... Connect with us.

Aypoupen on Youtube

Videos from Armenia, Artsakh, and Diaspora uploaded regularly.

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